COVID-19 status and impact on Lab 79

Lab 79 is open within the restrictions set out by the DHHS.
Last updated: Apr-2021

Laser Cutting

Wood up to 12mm. Plastics up to 12mm. Leather. No metals.

3D Scanning

Small object scanning less than 200mm in all dimensions (length, width and height). Please contact us regarding larger object or room/space scanning options.

3D Printing (FDM)

ABS/PLA plastic choice. Fast and cheap method of prototyping small parts prior to large scale manufacturing.


Overlocker, industrial straight stitch machine, general purpose sewing machine, cutting table, dressmaking mannequin.


7 colour computer controlled and programmable embroidery machine.

3D Milling

3 axis, non-rotational. Single layer PCBs. Small wood, plastic or soft metal parts.

Laser Etching

Wood, Plastic, Glass, Metal, Marble, Leather.

Vinyl Cutting

Continuous roll up to 600mm wide.


Signal generator, digital oscilloscope, lab power supply.


Large format continuous roll colour printer.


We work on a per project pricing model. The price will depend on many factors including urgency, complexity, materials and amount of R&D required to achieve your desired outcome. Please contact us to organise a time to discuss your requirements at no cost or obligation.

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